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14 Nov

Welcome to the Home Of Crafts Hobbies AND Arts

If you’re active in the arts and craft world, no doubt you will have heard of, or be a regular viewer of, tv channel HOCHANDA.

Established in 2015, it became the first shopping channel purely for hobbies, crafts and art, and was dedicated to bringing its audience the latest in designs, trends and products with delivery straight to the door.

HOCHANDA broadcasts a wide range of programmes with hosts that have many wonderful ideas and designs and the beauty of it all is that if you see something you like, you can order the materials you need.

Marathon products have been featuring on HOCHANDA for the last year. It began with the lovely Julie Fernandez spotlighting our range of hand embroidery threads and has more recently grown to us having our own programme Marathon Threads with Hayley hosted by the wonderful Hayley Smith.

Hayley is the lady behind Craft Yourself Silly, a North Shields based arts and crafts fabric company that has been constantly growing since it was founded in 2013. Passionate about fabrics and creating amazing things, Hayley has some fantastic ideas and experience that she shares with the viewers. As well as our own programme, Hayley also hosts her own slots on HOCHANDA and features some of our products in a variety of her kits. 

It’s not just Hayley that spotlights Marathon Threads though. Other brands feature our products in their shows and their own kits, including:

Inventors AsylumBex Raven and the asylum tribe create fantastic and unique post-apocalyptic art, craft and design

Dawn Bibby CreationsDawn Bibby is a house hold name within the craft industry and can be regularly found on HOCHANDA demonstrating a variety of arts and crafts

Tilly Rose VintageTilly Rose is a mixed-media textile artist with a real passion for cloth and thread.

Pink Ink DesignsThe team behind Pink Ink designs create sewing and embroidery patterns. as well as adult colouring designs on fabric and paper.

Our next shows will be on at 11am on Monday 19 November. If you can’t wait till then though, you can catch up on Marathon’s recent show for a limited time here or check out everything HOCHANDA online, on SKY channel 673 (24/7), FREEVIEW channel 85 (6am-7pm) or FREESAT channel 817 (24/7).

p.s. If you want to know where the name HOCHANDA came from the clue is in the title (welcome to the Home Of Crafts Hobbies AND Arts).

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