Flex Nylon Thermo Adhesive Garment Film

A thermo adhesive garment film developed for waterproof fabrics, with the best wash test results on the market.

Check in advance the compatability of the fabric with the heat press and the compatability of the thermo adhesive with the fabric. Garments should ideally be washed before the film is applied to remove any processing residues (e.g. loom oils) that could cause adhesion or sealing problems when washing the garment. 

Thermo Adhesive Garment Film - Manufacture

The Flex Nylon product is made from 50% polyurethane and 50% copoliamide and is environmentally friendly. The film carries ISO 9001 and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, and is manufactured in a top european factory.

Garment Film Processing & Application

The surface is matt and smooth, with excellent adhesion, and the strong polyester carrier allows for cutting very fine detail. Once cut the film is easy to weed. Manufactured with a tacky backing for ease of application. Developed to combine a thin film which lies flat on the garment and yet flexible enough to produce excellent results even on knitted fabrics. Suitable for cotton, polyester and nylon fabrics.

Product Range & Dimensions

This product is 50cm wide and is available either by the metre or on full 25m rolls. The range of 12 colours includes metallic silver and gold.

Technical Information

View or download technical information by clicking this link - Flex Nylon Tech Sheet


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