Underthread on Cones

The Marathon range of underthread (also known as bobbin thread) available on the cone for machine embroidery.

Underthread 60/2 - 180s Thread Count

Our standard embroidery underthread is a 60/2 weight thread (also known as 180s). This product is available on 10,000m cones in both white and black. Now available on 1,000m cops in WHITE.

Underthread 80/2 - 220s Thread Count

Marathon's unique embroidery underthread is a 80/2 weight thread (also known as 220s). The product is available in white on either 65,000m (1kg) or 20,000m cones, but only available in black on 65,000m (1kg) cones.

This ultra fine yet strong underthread enables you to wind more thread on to the bobbin, which in turn reduces downtime and bobbin changes. This is the number one selling underthread to large contract embroiderers. 

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