Marathon Polyester Thread

Polyester Embroidery Thread - Product & Manufacture

Marathon embroidery thread has a thread count of 120d/2 (40s). It is manufactured in our state of the art factory, which has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation. In addition the thread has achieved Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for environmental compliance in production.

Why Use Polyester Embroidery Thread?

Good quality Polyester has good strength, combined with an improved sheen and finish. Marathon polyester thread will withstand industrial detegents and is therefore widely use for garments or products which will be heavy laundered. 

Polyester Embroidery Thread - Product Range

The Marathon Polyester Embroidery Thread range has 306 colours. Available in 1,000m cops and the range in 5000m cones will be added during 2017. As well as solid colours the range also fluo shades.


Please note that all the colours shown give the most accurate shade indication possible, but no computer can faithfully reproduce the exact shade. We always recommend that you purchase our shade card.

Select the size and type you require below, and the full range of shades are available for you to view and purchase