Cotton Quilting Boxed Sets

Available in boxed sets containing 1300m spools of Aurifil's 100% Mako Lond Staple Egyptian Cotton.

The thread in these boxed sets is ideal for appliqué, hand piecing, lace, longarm quilting, machine appliqué, machine embroidery, machine piecing and machine quilting.


We have selected a range of Aurifil's most popular collections. Each boxed set contains 12 x 1300m spools of 50 weight 2 ply cotton. These collections have been created by some the leading quilters worldwide: Mark Lipinski, Pat Sloan, Sheena Norquay, Edyta Sitar, Vanessa Christenson and Pat Bravo.

Building Blocks

This unique set features 48 x 1300m spools of 50 weight 2 ply cotton. These shades are the most popular sellers in the UK and a great place to start your collection of thread shades. 

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